Event Policies


All AWC Inc policies are available on this website, please click HERE.

AWC 2022 will comply with any government legislation in place at the time of the event.

Photography: photographs may only be taken with prior permission and must not be shared publicly, including on social media, unless all persons identifiable in the photo have agreed to the photographs being shared.


AWC Inc events will comply with all federal and state legislation in regards to COVID-19. The organising committee hopes that the issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic will have been resolved by September 2022.

It does, however, remain a risk and the organising committee will ensure that a robust plan for the event is established, which includes cancellation or other limitations (e.g., vaccination issues) as a result of state or federal legislation.

The organising committee and the AWC Inc hope for a happy and healthy AWC 2022 and will do everything possible to ensure its success.

Other Information

BYO is permitted and the organisers will promote a responsible consumption of alcohol policy.

Presenters of workshops and talks will be required to provide a copy to the AWC 2022 organisers so that conference papers can be made available to participants. This will be designed and produced as an interactive PDF.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

These Terms & Conditions of Entry set out the standards of behaviour expected of all attendees at the Australian Wiccan Conference 2022. As a registered attendee to the AWC 2022 you will have the following rights and responsibilities for the duration of the AWC 2022 event. As a registered attendee you agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions. If any participant is asked to leave the AWC 2022 through breach of any of these conditions, the fee for the event is not refundable.

The Australian Wiccan Conference Inc and the organisers reserve the right to refuse entry or evict any person from the event who does not comply with these Terms & Conditions or engages in any illegal activity, or any activity deemed in the sole discretion the Australian Wiccan Conference Inc and the organisers to be antisocial.

The AWC 2022 is a private gathering open only to individuals who have pre-registered. You must have registered for the event prior to arriving to the event. There will be no registrations at the Venue of the AWC 2022.

As a registered attendee to the AWC 2022 you have the right to:

  • ask the organisers questions, requesting more information about any aspect of the weekend;
  • ask the presenters at the event questions about any aspect of the presentation they have given at the event;
  • actively engage with all activities offered throughout the weekend;
  • be respected regardless of age, rank, or perceived status;
  • feel safe and to feel that your belongings are safe;
  • receive what you paid for – accommodation, catering and activities;
  • express your spiritual/religious beliefs; and
  • bring any disagreements, disputes, or serious incidents to the attention of the organisers, who will be clearly marked and will use their best endeavours to assist you. The organisers may, at their discretion, classify a disagreement or dispute brought to their attention as vexatious. The organisers will be under no obligation to investigate disagreements or disputes which they deem to be vexatious.

As a registered attendee to the AWC 2022, you acknowledge and agree to:

  • follow any reasonable direction given to you by the organisers or the venue staff;
  • treat all other attendees, the venue staff, and the organisers with courtesy and respect;
  • actively listen and respect presenters at lectures and workshops (this includes not inappropriately talking while others are talking, presenting, or performing);
  • look after your own belongings including your magical tools and musical instruments;
  • ask before touching another attendee’s magical tools or instruments;
  • attend pre-ritual briefings if you intend on participating in the main ritual. The pre-ritual briefing is to ensure you know what will occur during the main ritual and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions to determine its suitability for your attendance;
  • look after and be responsible for the actions of your children; and
  • follow all the rules of the venue, a copy of which will be provided to you prior to the event.

The following type of behaviour will result in you being asked to leave:

  • attempting to conduct personal group rituals, casting private/group circles at the AWC 2022 without permission from the organisers. This includes using the AWC 2022 as a forum for airing personal grievances;
  • religious vilification, pagan or otherwise;
  • engaging in illegal drug use;
  • smoking inside buildings, enclosed common areas, or other areas explicitly designated as non-smoking by either the venue or organisers;
  • intoxication to the extent that it impacts on others’ enjoyment of the event;
  • engaging in obscene behaviour;
  • stealing;
  • picking fights, or threatening actual assault; and 
  • harassment of any kind, including but not limited to sexual, gender, or racist.

As an attendee you acknowledge and agree that the main ritual of the AWC 2022 will not be skyclad, and that the AWC 2022 event in general is NOT clothing optional.

Attendees breaching any State or Federal laws will be immediately evicted from the AWC 2022 and face possible criminal sanction.

State-based knife laws 

Full details can be found here: https://www.police.vic.gov.au/weapons-definitions  

The following are prohibited:

A sword is defined under sch.2 of the Regulations as being a thrusting, striking or cutting weapon with a long blade having 1 or 2 edges and a hilt or handle. A sword is still classified as a sword even if the 1 or both blades are blunt.

Dagger, being a sharp pointed stabbing instrument (other than an oyster knife), ordinarily capable of being concealed on the person and having:

a) a flat blade with cutting edges (whether serrated or not serrated) along the length of both sides; or

b) a needle-like blade, the cross section of which is elliptical or has 3 or more sides, but not including instruments such as swords or bayonets.

In order to possess a dagger, a person would need to obtain either a:

• a Chief Commissioner’s Approval (CCP), or

• be covered by a Governor in Council exemption (GIC).

To be eligible for a GIC a person must be able to demonstrate at the time of purchase, that they are a member of a club, group, organisations, or a class of person which has been granted a Governor in Council Exemption Order.

If found carrying a ritual blade to and from the AWC2022 by the Police, the ritual blade may be confiscated, and the owner of the ritual blade may be charged with a criminal offence. Attendees to the AWC2022 acknowledge that if they travel to the AWC2022 with their ritual blades, they do so at their own risk.

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