The Australian Wiccan Conference

The AWC has run as an annual event for witches of all paths since 1984. The conference is traditionally held on the weekend closest to the Spring Equinox, with three days of workshops, classes, lectures, entertainment and socialising.

The highlight of the weekend is the Spring Equinox ritual. With the conference’s attendance normally over 80 or more, these rituals are the largest group rituals most attendees ever experience.

AWC events are held in different locations around the country each year, with different hosts and themes.


Australian Wiccan Conference Incorporated (AWC Inc) formed in 2016 to provide formal continuity, mentoring and background administration for hosts and organisers of the Australian Wiccan Conference (the Conference / AWC).

It also provides a central hub for potential hosts to make their submissions to run future Conferences, and create a means of collating votes from the AWC community members should that be required.

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