AWC 2023: By Leaf & Flower & Fruit

22 – 24 September 2023
Hybrid: Online presentations + offline ritual


The Australian Wiccan Conference 2023 will be held online from Friday 22nd September to Sunday 24 September. It will be hosted by Australian Wiccan Conference Inc incorporating a range of panel discussions and workshops. 

The organisers and hosts of AWC 2023 acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands on which this conference is held and pay their respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

All ticket holders will have full interactive access to the AWC 2023 sessions via Zoom. Presentations will also be livestreamed (platform TBA). Participants will be encouraged to engage with the AWC community via various social media platforms in the lead up to the event.

Throughout the Conference AWC Host Witches will introduce each session, provide updates and monitor chat / comment feeds. A technical witch will also be available for each session to manage the various feeds.

All committee members, organisers, presenters, panelists and host witches are volunteers. Any monies raised from ticket sales will be used to cover running costs (including technology subscriptions fees). Any abuse of organisers or volunteers (either online or in person) will not be tolerated.


This year’s theme is By Leaf & Flower & Fruit. It is designed to encourage participants to explore their local environments and to incorporate their surroundings into their magic and their craft. Attendees will explore how the natural world impacts the spiritual self and weave this experience into the Spring Equinox ritual. 


The traditional Saturday evening Spring Equinox ritual will be provided to all AWC Members and AWC 2023 attendees beforehand. Everyone is encouraged to physically perform the ritual simultaneously at 6.00pm AEST- either as individuals or by meeting up at various locations around the country. The ritual will incorporate the practical use of many of the ideas presented in the workshops and will also feature a woven sun-wheel as the central focus. Instructional videos and script links will be provided via social media and email to give participants enough time to make, create and learn the various aspects of the ritual.

Attendees are encouraged to utilise the Australian Wiccan Conference Facebook Group or the Australian Wiccan Conference Discord Channel to organise get togethers for in-person rituals and post ritual dinners in their local areas. Always remember to keep safe and make sure all meetings are in a public place. 

All Ritual instructions, videos and interactive participatory content will be uploaded and linked to AWC Inc Social Media channels at Imbolc 2023. AWC Inc Members will receive this information early via email.


There are 10 sessions of curated content planned for the online Conference, consisting of a mix of interactive workshops, lectures and panels. Whilst some sessions already have speakers confirmed, the organisers are calling for presenter, panelist and facilitator Expressions of Interest for the remaining topics. All EOIs will close at Yule 2023.

Organisers reserve the right to alter the advertised program or presenters if required.

Call for Presenters:

All online presenters and panelists will need to have access to technology that can run Zoom, a microphone (or headset), and a webcam. They will also need to have a reliable internet connection. No hardware will be provided by AWC Inc. 

Host witches will be able to help with sharing presentations on screen during the sessions.

Please let the organisers know if you are interested in presenting one of the workshops by filling in the linked form at the end of this list.

  • Magical Oils for Ritual Use – learn about using oils in rituals and spells. Make a Spring Equinox oil blend from common household ingredients for use in the Spring Equinox ritual.  (This workshop will run either Friday evening or Saturday)
  • The Seed of Knowledge – the use of seeds in myths, legends and stories. Explore how seeds are used as metaphors and devices in rituals and meditations. Include a seed metaphor and magic in the main ritual. (This workshop will run either Friday evening or Saturday)
  • Mystery workshop – there is one slot available for a 60 min workshop. Let us know if you have a topic that fits the theme.

Expression of Interest Form

Call for panelists and facilitators

Please let the organisers know if you are interested in either being a panelist or facilitator for one of the Panels by filling in the linked form at the end of this list. All EOIs will close at Yule 2023.

  • Practical Paths Panel – join a bunch of practical practitioners as they provide a taster of different aspects of their paths focusing on the Spring Equinox: kitchen magic, activist magic, gardening and green magic, divination, tool making and crafts etc 
  • From the hive and the vine: Magical Brews and Ritual Wines – Panel discussion on using or making magical brews in ritual. Mead maker, Sommelier, Kitchen Witch, Ritual Magician, Heathen etc. also create and make both a non-alcoholic and alcoholic brew recipe for the main ritual. Explore drinking, offering, libating. Facilitator and Panelists must be over 18. (This panel will run on Friday evening)
  • The land where I stand – urban, regional and rural witchcraft communities – panel discussion exploring how where you live and practice affects your sense of community, access to materials and ritual styles.

Expression of Interest Form

Curated workshops and panels

WORKSHOP: The Poison Dose – Join Daisy as she explores how to use herbal magic safely. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous.

WORKSHOP: It’s a sign… of Spring – Gill and Adrianne explore ways of identifying signs and omens as well as what is just a natural occurrence for the time of year.

WORKSHOP: Starting a magical garden – Catt will explore ways of designing, planting and using a magical garden. She will also provide instructions to help you prepare your magical seeds for the main ritual.

PANEL Celebrating the Spring Equinox across different landscapes 

Special guests to be announced.

Already a Presenter? Please fill in the Presenter Form.


Friday Evening

  • Welcome (AWC President) & outline (Host Witch)
  • Panel or debate
  • Catch-ups in online breakout Zoom rooms

Saturday (until 4.15pm)

  • Single stream timetable of workshops, presentations and panels with an emphasis on themes that are preparatory or complementary to the in-person ritual. 

Saturday Evening

  • Private or group in-person ritual with chosen levels of participation to be performed at the same time around the country. 
  • Timetable will build in travel, preparation and set-up time.

Sunday – All Day

  • Single stream timetable of workshops, presentations and panels. 
  • Thanks and closing


Ticket Prices and Payment Links will be launched at the Winter Solstice 2023. All AWC Inc Full members will receive this information earlier via email.


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